[Perl] books

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sun Sep 29 13:50:09 PDT 2002

As you have seen from an earlier e-mail I have received the keys to
israel.pm and the books that came with the mongership.

Here is a list of the books I have received.
There supposed to be a few other books too that were borrowed by
someone, I'd be glad if I hear about those books so I can also
list them in our catalog which will be placed on the Wall of our Virtual

User Friendly by Illiad
CGI Programmin with Perl 2nd ed.
Perl for System Administration
Database Nation
Managing Windows NT Logons    (Gaal ? Gaal ? Gaaaaaaal ! :)
Mastering Algorihtms with Perl
Using Samba
Managing IMAP

Programming Perl (aka Camel book) x(=?) edition (*)

Are there more ?

(*) The person who has the Camel book already wrote me, thanks (!) but I
don't want to disclose his/her name myself. Anyway I asked him/her to
bring the book to the october or november meeting if someone asks for it.

What do you ppl suggest , what shall we do with the books ?

My suggestion is that at every meeting we'll swap books.
Someone will keep an updated list about the location of every book.
(Possibly on the web)
By default you'll be able to keep the book for one month and on the
following meeting you give it to someone else if that person asked for 
the book. So you are encoraged to ask (on or off the list) for specific 
books. FAFS. (First Ask First Served)

As Gaal also wrote the sole condition is to take care of the book and
return it as you received or in better condition :-).

(Maybe we should cover them in something like they do in libraries ?)

You are also encouraged to write a review of the book either in English
or in Hebrew (or in any other langugage for that matter, including Perl 
itself) that we can publish on www.perl.org.il (and/or on your homepage)
We can also arrange that on every meeting someone will give a 5 minute
review-talk about a book before the main presentation. Of course this is
optional but might be nice.

Your ideas ?

Actually we might ask O'Reilly and other publishers to send us more 
books, so I'll need your suggesttions/requests but I guess if we already 
produced a few reviews on books we would get additional books easier.
So if you want to write a review (even only a few lines) about any of 
the Perl books you already read I'd appreciate it.

-- Gabor

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