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Shlomo Yona shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il
Wed Sep 18 07:17:41 PDT 2002

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After Sukot a FREE course in Perl will start in Haifa university.
Following is a short description of the course and some details.


	To expose the audience to the Perl programming language
	and its capabilities.

	For example, researchers can use it for rapid prototyping
	and development, which are useful if you want to show something
	works without spending weeks on it.


	Advanced undergraduate students of the Computer Science department
	M.A. students of the Computer Science department
	Faculty and Staff
	If we still have room, anyone with some background using some programming
	languages (for example, C) can take the course.


	The first 3-4 lessons will be about very basic stuff,
	practically, learning the language from scratch.
	These 3-4 lessons will take place in the same week 
	(see below exactly when).

	The following lectures will be about more focused issues
	such as (tentative program - some lectures might span over
	more than one meeting, and the items of the list are listed 
	with no particular order):

		Hard code Regular expressions in Perl
		Debugging in Perl
		Advanced data structures in Perl
		Sort in Perl
		Computer Science Graphs in Perl
		XML and Perl
		CGI and Perl
		Databases and Perl
		Natural Language Programming and Perl
		Bioinformatics and Perl
		Getting information from the internat with Perl
		Perl for unix users
		Perl in Windows
		Building and maintaining a CPAN Perl module
		Perl and localization/internationalization
		Portability issues in Perl

	Sunday	29/09/2002
			10:00-12:00	Perl for newbies I
	Monday	30/09/2002
			10:00-12:00	Perl for newbies II
	Tuesday 01/10/2002
			10:00-12:00	Perl for newbies III

	Starting Tuesday 01/10/2002, every week on Tuesdays at 18:00-20:00
	we will meet for lectures where the basic knowledge of Perl taught
	in the first three lectures is assumed.

	Tuesday 01/10/2002
			18:00-20:00	Advanced data structures in Perl


	The series of lectures will take place at Haifa university at the
	Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute 
	for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science
	Classroom C-502 (also known as 3-502).

	Lecture notes for all the lectures will be available over the web.
	The URL where to get them will be published on the first lecture.


	The Israel Perl Mongers is a group of people who use Perl and 
	meet on a monthly basis to learn from one another issues relating
	to Perl. Activities mostly take place in Tel-Aviv, but sometimes
	they take place also in Haifa. 

	Haifux - is the Haifa Linux Club, which is designed to be a home 
	for Linux users and programmers in the Haifa area. They give lectures
	on Linus related issues every two weeks at the Technion.


	Please fill out the form on http://www.cs.haifa.ac.il/~shlomo/perl/register.html
	Registration is free.


Shlomo Yona
shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il

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