[Perl] Learning Perl

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Mon Sep 9 09:52:04 PDT 2002

Hi Shlomo,

I think it is a  very good idea though as I recall
Shlomi Fish has some similar thing going on on Haifux.
Am I right ?

Anyway I, as a Perl teacher don't think that this is a bad idea,
I also thought of doing something similar but luckyly I don't
have the time for it now :-)
Also I don't think that the same people would attend your course
as would attend mine. I am catering more for the corporate customers
that want to get the whole course in a few days on site.

So I am not "angry at you" , I am just going to arrange that
- as an old friend of mine put - you will have more ears than
teeth next time we meet ;-)

Anyway I have slides created for a 32-40 hours introductory
session of Perl that you could use if you like it for you
classes. It has examples and exercises with solutions in it.

-- Gabor

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Shlomo Yona wrote:

> Hello.
> It seems that some people at CRI (out host for the upcomming
> Perl meeting) are very interested in learning Perl (well, I
> have showed some of them how easy it is to accomplish some
> tasks with Perl).
> I wonder how many of the Israeli Perl Mongers will be interested 
> in attending an introductory course in Perl where I'll teach some
> basics (My main 'reference book' will probably be the perldocs).
> Comming to think of it - People already on this mailing list will
> probably not be interested... as they already know the basics, but
> they might have friends interested, right?
> The lectures will be held probably weekly at Haifa university and
> will be open to "scholars" :-)
> I suppose that having a "free" course in Perl might sound bad to some
> of the people on this mailing list, as they teach such courses as a 
> living, but instead of "being angry at me" think of it as a service
> to the Perl community, as I believe not many people have had the chance 
> to see what Perl is all about and these people will probably not spend 
> money for a course, yet they will happily join a free course.

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