[Perl] meeting location on 7th of November

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Thu Oct 31 08:30:33 PST 2002

Shlomi Fish wrote:
> As my father would probably frown upon me bringing our laptop (and since
> it only carries Win98, which I can use but would rather not) I'll need a
> computer of someone else.
> What I need is:
> 1. Perl
> 2. A web-server that can serve static HTML pages.
    Apache 1.3.26
> 3. A working graphical web-browser with good support for Cascading Style
> Sheets. (Mozilla, Konq, MSIE, Opera, etc.)
    Mozilla 1.1

you can use mine but please put a copy of your presentation on the web 
and bring one on a floppy too as I am not sure if we have net connection 
and if my floppy come with me. It is quite lazy and tends to stay at 
home even when I need it.

-- Gabor

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