[Perl] presentation tool (mostly) in Perl

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Thu Oct 31 01:53:22 PST 2002

On the 7th of November we are going to talk about presentation
tools written in Perl.

I tried to research the field a bit and here are some links to
articles regarding Presentation Tools.

AxPoint  http://axpoint.axkit.org/ (written in Perl, creates pdf) and
MagicPoint http://www.mew.org/mgp/ (witeen in what ?, needs X)
seem to be two popular tools but there
are at least  20-30 of similar tools with various degrees of sophistication.

is a detailed analyzis of some 20 different tools along
with some examples.

has a few more entries listed as a response to an article about AxPoint

Portable Presenter  (Perl/Tk)

Perl Point - I could not find this.

Perl Projector
http://www.geeksalad.org/projector/  (Perl/Tk)

txt2slides which is used by MJD.

-- Gabor

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