[Perl] PCI [was YAPC::Israel ?]

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sun Oct 27 13:28:46 PST 2002

Reuven M. Lerner wrote:
>>>>>>Gabor wrote:
>     Gabor> As Reuven suggested we might not want to get the approval
>     Gabor> of YAS hence maybe we won't call it YAPC so I changed the
>     Gabor> subject line too to PCI Gabor> - Perl Conference in Israel.
> I don't remember precisely what I said, but I don't think that it
> would be a *bad* thing to get YAS approval.  I just think that a
> several-day, YAPC-style conference is probably too big, complicated,
> and expensive for us to run at this point.

It's all there in the archive :-)
You did not write that it is a *bad* thing just that we might not want
it and I agreed. Though I might have understood something else and not
exactly what you meant.

> However, the moment that we deal with sponsors, then we might well be
> smart to speak with YAS.  After all, when money changes hands, then
> things begin to get messy.
> In any event, I think that it would be smart to speak with YAS about
> these sorts of considerations.  Heck, they might be so hot on
> encouraging additional YAPC conferences that they'll tell us (ask us)
> to go ahead with calling it YAPC::Israel, which may give us some added
> international credibility and press.

On YAPC::EU I talked to Leon Brocard who is basically the main contact 
person of YAPC in Europe and he actually already mentioned YAPC::Israel 
on the YAPC planning mailing list. I'll talk to him and other YAPC 
people more in the near future. In any case here is a link to a paper 
about YAPC venue requirements. http://www.yapc.org/venue-reqs.txt


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