[Perl] PCI [was YAPC::Israel ?]

Reuven M. Lerner reuven at lerner.co.il
Sun Oct 27 01:05:34 PST 2002

>>>>> Gabor wrote:

    Gabor> As Reuven suggested we might not want to get the approval
    Gabor> of YAS hence maybe we won't call it YAPC so I changed the
    Gabor> subject line too to PCI Gabor> - Perl Conference in Israel.

I don't remember precisely what I said, but I don't think that it
would be a *bad* thing to get YAS approval.  I just think that a
several-day, YAPC-style conference is probably too big, complicated,
and expensive for us to run at this point.

However, the moment that we deal with sponsors, then we might well be
smart to speak with YAS.  After all, when money changes hands, then
things begin to get messy.

In any event, I think that it would be smart to speak with YAS about
these sorts of considerations.  Heck, they might be so hot on
encouraging additional YAPC conferences that they'll tell us (ask us)
to go ahead with calling it YAPC::Israel, which may give us some added
international credibility and press.


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