[Perl] PCI [was YAPC::Israel ?]

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Fri Oct 25 02:56:25 PDT 2002

I'd like to go on with the discussion about a bigger Perl meeting some 
day in the near future. As Reuven suggested we might not want to get the 
approval of YAS hence maybe we won't call it YAPC so I changed the 
subject line too to PCI - Perl Conference in Israel.
So let's use this as a working name.

So who can help me in organizing this ? Please contact me if you can 
help with the organization. We might need to setup a separate mailing 
list for this purpose so we won't bother the main list.

As a minimum what we need to do are the followings:
1) Organize the presentations
2) Setup a place
3) Get sponsors for the event.

The target date would be sometime in April 2003.

What conferences will be in the next half a year whre we could join (if 
we wanted ?)


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