[Perl] my quiz (easy)

Ido Trivizki ido at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 23 06:46:58 PDT 2002

 my %seen;
 my @chars=('A'..'Z','a'..'z','0'..'9');
 sub unique{
  my $string;
  do{$string=join '',map $chars[rand @chars],1..$_[0]} until not exists

That is disregarding the problem Omer Zak suggested...
Now I'll try to golf it;)
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> Hello.
> Write a sub which receives some integer number
> greater than zero (lets call the number N), and
> return a string of N characters (over [A-Za-z0-9]).
> Calling the sub within the same run of the program should
> guarantee no two strings of length N are equal (i.e. all the
> strings of same length are uniqe).
> Good luck.
> Let's see who writes the nicest and perhaps smartest peace of code.
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