[Perl] new presentation needed or moving 7th of November

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Wed Oct 23 03:16:18 PDT 2002

As there were not too many people who screamed about their preferences
regarding the change I go for the change in the Agenda and keeping the 

There is a mailing list for Group leaders and the single most important 
thing they say about how to build the group is to stick to the dates
of the regular meetings and add extra meetings if necessary.
So for now we'll give up on the Perl .NET presentation but I truly hope
we'll have it some day really soon.
As I mentioned, maybe on the one-day meeting if we can get Yevegniy for 
that. This presentation would really fit that !

I have updated the site with the new agenda of the meeting on 7th of 
November which is "Tools for Presentation"

Both Reuven and I will show the tools we have written (both in Perl)
but I'd like to hear about other tools as well.

I guess we have to give up on the one Shlomo wrote as he cannot come
but Shlomo, if you can come in the last minute we'll give you time as 

Has anyone else written other tools for creating slides/presentation ?
Has anyone used any third party tool which is worth showing ?
E.g. I'd really like to hear about the one written in Perl/Tk 
http://ppresenter.org/ ?

Naturally for such presentation we really-really need a place with a 
projector. We are already working on it and I hope to get an answer in
a few days.


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