[Perl] new presentation needed or moving 7th of November

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Mon Oct 21 07:42:39 PDT 2002


Yevgeny wrote me couple of days ago that he cannot make it on the 
7th of November so there are two choices

1) He can give the presentation earlier on the 4th of November
   (what would Lenin say if he was told to move the revolution 3 days 
   earlier ? :-)
   This can be an experiment on the 'moving the meeting day' thread 
   as well. Then after this meeting we can decide if this was a one-time
   move or a permanent move

2) Keep the date but
   Have another presentation and hope that Yevgeny will be able to give 
   his one at a later day (maybe on the one-day meeitng ?)
   In this case I'd like to hear who can give his presentation on 
   this date (e.g. we can reschdule Shlomi) or I have another idea for a
   set of presentations where a few people will show their 
   presentation tools. (e.g Reuven has some mod_perl based, Shlomo wrote
   a simple one for his classes, I have also written one, there is one in
   Perl/Tk http://ppresenter.org/   etc.
   Everyone (who wwants) will have a few minutes 10-20 and we can cover 
   3-4 tools.

What do you think ?



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