[Perl] authentication on Linux

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Sun Oct 20 01:03:15 PDT 2002

> While running as a regular user (a web server)
> how can I check if a given username and password is correct on a given
> linux box if that linux box uses yellow pages for authentication ?
> how can I change password of any user ?
> And what is the prefered way to do this from Perl ?
>   Gabor

I don't know the answers, but I can point you where to look :-)
The following 3 links are a series of 3 articles regarding Yellow Pages:

If you don't find what you want there, the author of those articles may
still help you if you ask him nicely :-) His website is:
His email is:

Finally, according to the above articles, (Sun) Yellow Pages is just the old
name for (Sun) Network Information Services, a.k.a. NIS.
You can also read it at the beginning of "man ypbind":
   The Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Yellow
   Pages (YP).  The functionality remains the same; only the name has

So the following Perl module, NET::NIS, might be of help to you:

Hope this helps :-)
Offer Kaye

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