[Perl] Changing meetings day

Richard Sevrinsky sevrins at mamash.com
Thu Oct 17 04:27:31 PDT 2002

Thursday isn't great, but meeting on Friday for me would be virtually

How about Tuesday nights?

- Richie

>>>>> "Yevgeny" == Yevgeny Menaker <genmen at post.tau.ac.il> writes:

    Yevgeny> Hi!  As for me, it would be much more preferable to have
    Yevgeny> a meeting on Friday.

    >> Gabor mentioned several time that although about 60 people are
    >> on the
    Yevgeny> list,
    >> we see only ~10 people on every meeting.
    >> I wonder if changing the day of the meeting (instead of
    >> Thursday doing it, say, on Friday mornings or some other
    >> evening) is something which might bring more people.
    >> Please take a minute to comment on this.

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