[Perl] Summary of our last meeting

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Mon Oct 14 15:45:37 PDT 2002

Thanks for Shlomo for the summary about the last meeting and for keeping 
track who attended the meeting and who took books. I have updated the 
list of books with the list of people who took them.

Now everyone will be able to see who writes the most reviews as compared 
to the number of books s/he read. Of course I can always read the books 
left in the library behind the scenes and you will not know that I have
skipped the review but I promise I won't read the book about NT Login 
In any case the sooner we have written reviews and the more we have
the faster we *might* get more books.

And now regarding the rest of the meeting that Shlomo did not hear.

Shlomo managed quite well despite the fact that there was no projector.

He gave an excellent talk about sort in Perl. Although most of the 
things I have already read (in some of the books we have in the library,
guess which onces ?) it is always good to have someone who actually 
understands what's behind all those name like Schwartzian transformation
and Orcish Maneuver. It is even better to discuss these and other
strategies and have people raise questions that either you thought
were obvious (and they turn out not to be obvious) or that you just
did not know whom to ask.

Shlomo gave a few nice examples regarding sorting based on various 
properties of a value and then a couple of ways how to improve
speed at those cases. He also showed us a couple of tricks to confuse
the enemy while improving the performance of your sort.
It is worth looking at the slides he published
He also points you to a couple of sources where you can get another
dose of sort.

If you are in the Haifa area I really recommend to attend his classes
(where he has a projector too).
If you are in other areas of the country you should seriously consider 
moving to Haifa.
Or convince him to give his lectures in your area.

Next meeting in TA will be on the 7th of November. RAZ is a good place
but we are still trying to find a location with more convenient 
transportation especially for those comming from Haifa
and/or from Jerusalem that is near a train station and where the parking
is relatively easy
AND where we can have a projector.
If you can help us find a place in you company talk to me ASAP.
On the next meeting Yevgeny Menaker will talk about Perl and .NET
See also http://www.perl.org.il/20021107.html


ps. if you like to write clean programs, I mean really clean you should 
take a serious look at Acme::Bleach from CPAN.

It is even worth to look at its code, I think it is less than 20 lines
but make sure to have your coffe *before* you look at the code.

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