[Perl] Quiz of the Week

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sun Oct 13 04:46:50 PDT 2002

Mark is considered one of the best Perl presenters.
It is worth looking at what he does.


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Subject: Perl Quiz of the Week
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 22:43:11 -0400
From: Mark-Jason Dominus <mjd at plover.com>
To: fwp at perl.org

I taught a class in Illinois last week, and one of the students asked
if there was a mailing list that would deliver a weekly Perl quiz or
programming puzzle.  I said I didn't know of one, but that it sounded
like a good idea, and that I would set one up when I got back.

I am now back.  If you want to get the quiz-of-the-week, send a note

         perl-qotw-subscribe at plover.com

Please feel free to circulate this announcement to appropriate venues.


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