[Perl] YAPC::Israel ?

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sun Oct 13 02:11:27 PDT 2002

On the YAPC::Europe conference I talked to some people and mentioned 
that we might try to organize a one-day Perl event here in Israel and 
we'd like to use the YAPC name for it. Not that they can help us 
sponsoring the even but I think if we are doing it under their name we 
might attract more sponsors to the event.

We can also think about a "Israeli Perl Workshop" the way there is a
"German Perl Workshop".

Probably we won't be able to invite people from abroad but I think we 
have enough good people here who can give presentations. There is also
an advantage of not having participants from abroad that is we can keep
most of our presentations in Hebrew. This case maybe we should go more 
in the direction of the Workshop.

So what do you think ?
Those who work, do you think your company will let you go for a one-day 
Perl workshop ? Will they pay some amount of money so you can 
participate ?  (The YAPC cost 89 EURO for 3 days so making an uneducated 
guess we might need to charge 30 USD / participant)
(*) Such a workshop will probably cost some money as I would like to 
make it a lot more organized and pobably we'll need to rent a place 
where we can give the presentations.


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