[Perl] Lecture suggestions

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sun Oct 13 02:01:27 PDT 2002

Shlomo Yona wrote:
> Hello.
> I will be working on creating Perl interface to a C implementation
> of a Suffix-Tree. The Perl interface will be a CPAN module where you
> can use the suffix-tree implementation in Perl programs.
> I will learn how to create such a Perl interface to the C library
> and how to package all this in a CPAN module which can then be
> installed everywhre you can install Perl (this is not as obvious
> as one might think it is, as C code and libraries are involved here).
> Once I have it all worked out - I am sure I'll know many things I do
> not know now - and I suppose some of you Perl Mongers might also be
> interesting to learn how to do such things.
> I can give a lecture (Gabor, when is the next free lecture slot available?)
> describing this little project including all the perl/c c/cpan cpan/perl
> interfaces. 

It sounds interesting and I am sure a lot of people have never used X 
with Perl and might want to hear about. The next open slot is currently 
in January but if we Mark gives a double presentation about OOP then
we might pospone yours.

Anyway I am glad there are more and more presentations comming up and it 
is a pity that the number of participants is still only around 10.
This is low compared to the more than 60 subscribers of the list but it 
is relatively high as compared to most of the PM groups in the world.

So either we might have some longer meetings with longer presentations 
or two presentations at a time or just leave it like  to preserve 
presentations for times when there will be less volunteers. I tend to
prefer the last option now.

On another note we might start to think about organizing a full-day
YAPC-like event.


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