[Perl] have we sorted it out ?

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Fri Oct 11 02:15:13 PDT 2002

Thanks Shlomo for the nice presentation about sort.
I especialy liked that

keys my %h = @in;


1) Is there any volunteer writing about the meeting ?

2) If we would like a place with better transportation
      (e.g. next to  Arlozoroz) and with a projector
      then we should start looking for it now, way before the
      next meeting which is on 7th of November by Yevgeny Menaker.
      --> http://www.perl.org.il/20021107.html
      So if you can and would like to provide place now it is the time
      to speak up !

3) Next time whoever gives book review
    (and there should be at least one!)
    should do it better than I did and with a strict time limit
    of max 5 minutes. We should start on time so the main
    presenter will have enough time.
    (Sorry Shlomo for shortening your sort time :-)

4) What do you guys suggest to make the meetings even better and
    to attract more people ? (Besides giving free beer which is
    not likely to happen)
    Actually we could go to a pub after the meeting to have some social
    life too.

-- Gabor

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