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Yevgeny Menaker genmen at post.tau.ac.il
Tue Oct 8 06:38:06 PDT 2002

Hi Gabor
Can you add the "Programming Perl in the .NET Environment" book to the list?
Here is the link to amazon to get more product details:

Thanks, Yevgeny.

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> My server in the US is on its knees, it went down 4 times in the last
> couple of hours and while the ISP reboots it all the times it makes me
> quite nervous. Can it be under some kind of an attack or is it only the
> cooling of the machine that went wrong ?
> Anyway while waiting for their fix I have typed some details of the
> books we have in the library and uploaded to
> http://www.perl.org.il/books.html
> You are all invited to take books but I am not sure I will carry all the
> books to the next meeting so if you'd like to have a book please let me
> know. Then I make sure to bring those books.
> I know some of the books are not really relevant to Perl but this is
> what we have now. As you could see we have already received 2 new books
> since I started to ask around but I guess if we start to write reviews
> about books we'll receive more.
> regards
> -- Gabor
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