[Perl] books

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Mon Oct 7 13:47:45 PDT 2002

My server in the US is on its knees, it went down 4 times in the last 
couple of hours and while the ISP reboots it all the times it makes me
quite nervous. Can it be under some kind of an attack or is it only the
cooling of the machine that went wrong ?

Anyway while waiting for their fix I have typed some details of the 
books we have in the library and uploaded to


You are all invited to take books but I am not sure I will carry all the 
books to the next meeting so if you'd like to have a book please let me 
know. Then I make sure to bring those books.
I know some of the books are not really relevant to Perl but this is 
what we have now. As you could see we have already received 2 new books
since I started to ask around but I guess if we start to write reviews
about books we'll receive more.

-- Gabor

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