[Perl] Next meeting

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Thu Oct 3 13:28:42 PDT 2002

Shlomo Yona wrote:
> Hello.
> We are one week away from the next meeting, and I still do not see
> on http://www.perl.org.il/20021010.html where is the place of meeting.
> Who plans to come, anyway? 
> Are we doing it at Raz Systems (like two previous meetings)? Elsewhere?

Sorry for not deciding on the place yet, I know it is getting quite late

With Reuven's help I tried to organize another place where we could have 
a projector as well and which would be better for both public 
transportation and parking but we have not received any answer yet.
Actually we received something that is a non decision.

Anyway I'll try find another place on sunday morning and if that does 
not work out I'll ask the guys at Raz if we can held the meeting in 
their office again.

BTW is there anyone on the list who can offer such a location for the 
meeting ?

-- Gabor

Gabor Szabo

Perl User Group in Israel    http://www.perl.org.il/

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