[Perl] recognizing symbolic links from windows

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Thu Oct 3 04:34:50 PDT 2002

> What you mentioned work in local system (e.g. when dual booting)
> What I have is a separate file servers and both UNIX and windows client 
> machines. On the fileserver there is some kind of filesystem (I have no 
> idea what, it is a Network Appliance as I mentioned) that can be
> mounted to unix via NFS mount and seen from windows through 
> NetBIOS. (that is it can be mapped to a drive like q:  or seen via UNC:
> \\servername\sharename\...
> and I still need recognize what is a symbolic link while my Perl script 
> runs on windows.

Well, okay. Map the drive to q: and then (after installing File::Find) use:

and feed it with the path "q:\path to symlink". I think that should work...

> -- Gabor

Offer Kaye

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