[Perl] recognizing symbolic links from windows

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Thu Oct 3 02:40:35 PDT 2002

If you're talking about viewing the links from Windows, take a look at:
If you need to create such links Under Windows, you can maybe use:

Finaly, a Perl solution for traversing a directory tree (including symbolic
links), which according to its documentation works also under Windows is:

Hope this helps :-)

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> Subject: [Perl] recognizing symbolic links from windows
> I have a Network Appliance file server that is used both from UNIX and
> Windows as a file server.
> When looked at it from UNIX I see a directory with a bunch of
> subdirectories and a bunch of symbolic links pointing to either
> subdirectories in this directory or to directories in some other
> directory.
> When running on the Windows machine on the other hand I can see only
> directories and I see both the real directories and the symbolic links
> as directories.
> How can I find out which entry is a symbolic link and which one
> is a directory ?
> If something is a symlink, where does it point ?
> -- Gabor
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