[Perl] using single quote (') in perl one liner

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Wed Nov 20 04:57:32 PST 2002

> >
> > Variations such as:
> > perl -ip -e "s/1'b1/VDD/" full_scan_chip.v
> perl -pi -e "s/1'b1/VDD/" full_scan_chip.v
> Gabor

Arrggg! You mean I just got the order of "p" and "i" wrong! Drats!
Or as Homer Simpson would say "Doh!" :-)
Thanks for the answer, Gabor- you saved me agonizing hours wondering
why my clever (well , *I* thought it was clever :-)) work-around :
perl -ip -e 's/1(\x27)b1/VDD/' full_scan_chip.v

didn't work...

I wonder if anyone can tell me why the order of the flags matters, or where
is says what the correct order is - I search through "perldoc perlrun", but
couldn't come up with anything.

Thanks again Gabor!
Offer Kaye

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