[Perl] "Quad Pres Enterprise Edition" Planning

Shlomi Fish shlomif at vipe.stud.technion.ac.il
Tue Nov 19 03:04:36 PST 2002

I contemplated keeping the table of contents of the presentations being
prepared in a directory tree where I also store the pages. However, then I
realized that generating the master table of contents, will cause a very
intensive hard-disk activity. So, putting Joel Spolsky's "Back to Basics"
into proprtion, I'll keep it in a separate file with the current format (
a large nested Perl data-structure).

I don't want to use XML because parsing it will take a lot of time, so
I'll just use pure Perl and maybe eventually secure it using the Safe
module. I'll read it with use, do, eval or the such and output it using

This would not scale for documents the size of Encycolpedia Britannica but
by that time I can easily use Tie with some RDBMS. And I don't intend
Quad-Pres for documents of this scale, yet.

Every directory will have a meta-sub-dir called .quadpres where I'll place
important files. Such files will be:

params - a key=value pairs that will contain:
	1. root= yes if it's the root directory no if it's a sub-dir

Can't think of anything else for the time being, but more would probably
come up.

I think I'll ditch normal HTML files for the time being : WML is so much
superior. I have a script that concatenates all the files into one big
HTML, which can later be converted to PS by Mozilla or something like
that. I suppose I'll delay working on a DocBook back-end for later on, but
it should not be too hard.

I'm still going to use my old code, because it's perfectly fine.

Right now what I want to do is:

1. Add <link > tags for the next, prev, up and down targets.
2. Add access keys for navigating the lecture by keyboard
3. Have a more modular configuration that would be exposed to the
WebMetaLang level.
4. Start working on the quadp command line util
5. I forgot one thing but will probably remember it later.

I'm in a shrinkwrap thinking mode now, so stay out of my way!


	Shlomi Fish

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