[Perl] Looking for a Job : Shlomi Fish' Bio

Shlomi Fish shlomif at vipe.stud.technion.ac.il
Thu Nov 14 00:50:16 PST 2002

My name is Shlomi Fish and I am a fifth year undergraduate Technion student
in the EE Department. I decided to take a year off studies and am looking for
a job. Besides my knowledge from studying, I am an experienced programmer
and have both official experience (working in several workplaces before I
started to study) and unofficial (programming and tempering with Linux on
my free time).

My C.V. can be found online here:


You can find some of the things I worked in on my free time on my homepage:


1. Can adapt quickly to a new workplace.
2. Finds computing enjoyable and exciting.
3. Experience in Lecturing. (albeit not a very good lecturer)
4. Constantly learning new languages, skills and technologies.
5. Eclectic - am familiar with many areas of Computer Science and Electrical
6. Produces a lot of code quickly.
7. Code is of relatively high quality.
8. Is an active netizen and administers his own workstations.

Job Preferences:

1. Would rather work on UNIX and especially Linux than on Windows.
2. Would rather work on a large-scale integrated product than on CGI
scripts and the such.
3. Would rather be a core developer than a tester or a system administrator
4. Would rather work in UNIXish languages (Perl, C, C++, Java) than
Microsoftish ones (Visual Basic, .NET, etc)
5. Would rather work on a commercial marketplace product than on an in-house
6. I would very much prefer to work half-time than full-time.

Of course, I'm not too picky and even a job as a Windows 2000 Sys-Admin would
be fine if I don't get more attractive offers.


1. I will not sign an NDA.
2. I wish to maintain full ownership for some open-source code I write on
my free time, which is not related to my position.

Shlomi Fish        shlomif at vipe.technion.ac.il
Home Page:         http://t2.technion.ac.il/~shlomif/

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