[Perl] Perl Books

Gil Klein gklein at barak-online.net
Mon Nov 11 09:42:08 PST 2002

> >Is there a company in Israel that sells these books at reasonable
> prices 
> >? The book shop at TAU ? What is their name and phone number ?
> I checked the price of Programming Perl, 3rd Edition at 
> http://www.academon.co.il/ (Israeli Store) and this book will 
> costs 345 NIS (+free delivery).
> The same book at http://www.bookpool.com/ costs 30.5$ (that's 
> only 150 NIS). But again I am not sure how much will the 
> delivery costs, and should I pay the Israeli tax when I'll 
> receive it. Does anyone got a clue?

So I guess Gabor was right, I checked with Dyonon at TAU (Programming
Perl 3rd Edition) and the price for students is 221 NIS (students
discount is 10%). 



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