[Perl] Perl Books

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sat Nov 9 11:41:59 PST 2002

Gil Klein wrote:
> Gil wrote:

>>If you buy irectly at O'Reilly i think you can get 20% discount as our
> group member but I am not sure, never tried.
> How can I get this discount ?

I think you should ask them how does it go. Tell them you are a member 
of the Israel.pm user group.

> I checked the price of Programming Perl, 3rd Edition at
> http://www.academon.co.il/ (Israeli Store) and this book will costs 345
> NIS (+free delivery).

so I am still way better off ordering from bookpool.

> The same book at http://www.bookpool.com/ costs 30.5$ (that's only 150
> NIS). But again I am not sure how much will the delivery costs, and
> should I pay the Israeli tax when I'll receive it. Does anyone got a
> clue?

I usually order 4-5 (different !) books at a time in order to reduce the 
per book shipping cost. IIRC this way the shipping cost adds about 
40-50% to the book price + some Israeli tax (I think VAT) I have to pay.

So the total price of the books is about the same as you can see on 
their cover.

Olegs message made me wonder if I pay too much for books so I checked.
Here is what I receive (where did you get the $6 for shipping ? maybe
because you have already bought from them ?)

Programming Perl
Amazon $35 + shipping
   shipping is
      $11 for 12-18 days
      $16 7-11 days
      $41 3-5 days

Bookpool $30.50
    shipping is
    $14  10-25 days DHL World Mail
    $33  3-5 days FedEx

Cover Price (or list price) $50

The above is not realy representative as I wrote if you buy more books
The shipping cost goes down per book.

Oh I checked this only for the sake of interest

5 pieces of Programming Perl (a total of 10 humps)

     $27 for 12-18 days
     $44 for 7-11 days
     $77 for 3-5 days

Bookpool shipping cost
     $61 for 10-25 days DHL Worldmail
     $60 for 3-5 days FedEx

Interestingly the shipping prices of Amazon in all the above cases were 
a few cents below the full dollar.

So if you buy a number of books (not necessarily the same) and want it 
quickly then bookpool is far cheaper.

Also I have heard rumors that the TAX autorities pick on Amazon more and
charge TAX more often on shipments from them.

BTW I tried to buy from Amazon only once but after some 10 days they 
still could not figure out where are they going to send FROM the books
so I canceled the order.


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