[Perl] Perl Books

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sat Nov 9 09:30:53 PST 2002

Gil wrote:
> I wish to order some Perl books (Oreilly mostly).
> Can someone recommend a good store/site that offers reasonable prices ?
> Thanks,
> Gil

I use www.bookpool.com with FedEx.
After paying everything including taxes I am usually at about the cover 
price of the books.

I also recommend them on the www.perl.org.il site.

But then I just wanted to ask the same question regarding Manning books.
If I buy at Manning they charge cover price + 8 USD / book (if I 
remember correctly) and then the local taxes. Have not tried them yet.

If you buy irectly at O'Reilly i think you can get 20% discount as our
group member but I am not sure, never tried.

Is there a company in Israel that sells these books at reasonable prices 
? The book shop at TAU ? What is their name and phone number ?


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