[Perl] Report on the meeting on 7th November

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Fri Nov 8 14:08:35 PST 2002

Hi there,

I am quit tired as I was working till 2am after the meeting.
I have uploaded 2 book reviews on the web (of Shlomo and mine)


and then tried to get more books from Manning. We'll see.

Actualy I think you can write reviews about other books as well
not only about the books in the library. Go ahead.

So here we go with the report.
I got to Interbit quite early (around 5) because I did not have my 
slides ready yet for my second presentation, I wanted to write them
there. In the end I did not have the energy to write them, instead 
bought some bourekas and other refreshment. I think it was better than 
my second presentation would have been :-)

Then around 6 Shlomi came and slowly other people arrived.
We were 13 this time and at the peak these people were present,
some of them for the first time.

Pinkhas Nisanov
Shlomi Fish
Gabor Szabo
Sagi Mehadave
Offer Kaye
Semuel Vomberg
Reuven Lerner
Uri Itscowits
Yuli Stremovsky
Yuval Yaari
Jaime Prilusky
Mark Veltzer
Oded Reznik

Shlomi kept on explaining his projects to us, about
Joel on software http://www.joelonsoftware.com/ , Open Source
CM tools and what not.

The discussions were very lively but I could not follow most.
Anyway I talked to Jaime who runs Rehovot.pm . I am glad he
joined us and I hope with his help we'll be able to further
enlarge our community.

It seems (as others also report) that with all the investment in
sending info to mailing list the biggest number of new people
came via our 'friend brings a friend' project. Never heard about it ?
Then the second place are the various news groups and web sites.

So at 7 Yoav from Interbit welcomed us and told us about what they
do at Interbit.
Then Shlomi said a few words about the 'Mastering Algorithms with Perl'
book he reviews earlier (see http://www.perl.org.il/bookreviews/ )
and went on with the presentation of Quad-Pres his presentation tool.
He asked me to press the 'next' link while he is talking - I think this
is a major drawback of QP.

In the second presentation Gabor talked about
'The Nameless Slide Creator'.
I enjoyed it very much. :-)
Some questions arised regarding why the hell did I write it
at the first place when there are more than 30 tools available
out there. I guess the manuals were too long for me and while I
knew more or less (mainly less) what do I need I though finding
out which one out of the 30+ will be able to give an answer to all
my requirements. (not that they are so complex)

After my presentation we turned on the lights so people will wake
up and finished all the remaining bourekas while evryone tried
to convince the rest of the crowd that he knows the best and ultimate
tool for presentations. As Shlomi puts it 'the category killer'.

After the break Reuven, as usual, gave a great presentation starting
with mod_perl and finishing with mod_perl. In between he talked about
Maison and the 'presentation tool' he wrote which is a very simple
Maison application. Of course in order to use it you need a web server
mod_perl and Maison installed which are not yet standard but as he 
pointed out he does not leave his house without mod_perl anyway so 
that's not a problem.

Then Shlomi quickly gave another presentation he prepared
(thanks Shlomi) Perl Point he downloaded from somewhere.

After that Mark got up and told us about DocBook which if I
understood correctly is basically an XML file with its
own DTD and with lots of 'backends' that can present the information
in all kinds of format like HTML or PDF or Idontknowwhat.

Some people took books I have updated the page and Yuval asked if wanted 
him to give us some extra books he has. Sure, I'd be happy receiving 
them and carrying them to meetings if people wanted to borrow.
I'll even write your name as our sponsor on the books page :-)

So that's it I think, about 9:20 everyone left (it seems the bub thing 
does not take off for some reason) and I took Yuval and Reuen home.

Next meeting is on December 12. Mark Veltzer: Object Oriented Perl


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