[Perl] book review - "User Friendly"

Offer Kaye offerk at netvision.net.il
Wed Nov 6 17:15:38 PST 2002

When I first sat down and opened "User Friendly the comic strip", by Illiad, I
was skeptical. What could a comic strip aimed mainly (it seemed to me) at ISP
workers, mean to to someone who was not?
Could I relate or would the jokes be flat and boring?

To my surprise and joy, User Friendly turned out to be even better than I
had hoped. A single comic strip tells a very short story. Several comic strips
can expand on that story and make it into something better. But an entire book
on the same comic strip does something wonderful- it fills out the story, 
turns what might have been a short and indecipherable joke into a cast of 
characters you can relate to, a story you can understand, and an experience to 
be cherished.

I wish I could tell you I had a favorite joke or character (well, okay, the 
Dust Puppy is *way* cool, but I liked The Chief too, so it's a close call). 
They are all pretty good, and I can guarantee that the jokes will have you 
ROTFLOL after a few pages. If, that is, you understood what I just wrote.

You see, there is a little catch- you have to be "in the know", at least a
little bit, in order to understand what the jokes are all about. This is, 
after all, a comic book aimed mainly at the geek crowd, so someone who does 
not understand the terminology used or has never helped a truly clueless user 
will have trouble understanding or relating to some of the jokes.

That aside, if you are from the field of computers, I promise you hours of 
fun, even if you don't grok Quake :-)

Offer Kaye

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