[Perl] Re: mirror sites

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Wed Nov 6 03:37:03 PST 2002

Now that the discussaion move here from the linu-ilx list I can tell you 
that it has only very slight relationship to Perl:
We originally started to discuss a CPAN mirror but as we have already 3
it would not make such a big difference so I try to convince them to 
provide a bigger harddsik.

> I assume that this ISP is not Actcom.
no it is not.

> A Mandrake mirror is more needed, as the only one is in actcom (iglu) and
> is not complete.

do you know what is its size ?

> As for Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD and OpenBSD: is there a "community" for
> those in Israel?

that is exactly what I try to find out with the above question before 
writing down the real request.

> >
> > On the alternative, we may buy 160GB HDD and stick it at ISP's machine. That
> > way we'll have all the space we need and it's not so expensive.
> >
> >  Maxtor 120GB ATA 133 5400RPM = 1051NIS (VAT included) from www.pandas.co.il
> What about bandwidth?

They would provide that too hence it is important that this is an ISP.

actually I quite disappointed so far with the response of the linux 
community. Don't you (ok I know I am writing this on the Perl mailing list 
:-( ) want to jump on the possibility and help and ISP to become clued
and help us ?


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