[Perl] Re: mirror sites

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir at technion.ac.il
Wed Nov 6 02:30:27 PST 2002

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Oleg Kobets wrote:

> You suggesting having a perl related site without a mirror of CPAN ? :-)
> As far as I am concerned, Debian mirror would be nice, i386, alpha and
> sparc.
> Mandrake and RedHat are d/l at very nice speeds from official mirrors so
> it's really not neccessary to mirror them and Slackware rarelly used (as far
> as I know, I may be wrong), also we may mirror Gentoo as it's becoming more
> stable and usefull besides being a "toy" as someone mentioned earlier on
> Linux IL.

I assume that this ISP is not Actcom.

A Mandrake mirror is more needed, as the only one is in actcom (iglu) and
is not complete.

As for Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD and OpenBSD: is there a "community" for
those in Israel?

> On the alternative, we may buy 160GB HDD and stick it at ISP's machine. That
> way we'll have all the space we need and it's not so expensive.
>  Maxtor 120GB ATA 133 5400RPM = 1051NIS (VAT included) from www.pandas.co.il

What about bandwidth?

Tzafrir Cohen
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