[Perl] Re: mirror sites

Oleg Kobets gwizard at clean-mail.net
Tue Nov 5 23:46:26 PST 2002

You suggesting having a perl related site without a mirror of CPAN ? :-)

As far as I am concerned, Debian mirror would be nice, i386, alpha and
Mandrake and RedHat are d/l at very nice speeds from official mirrors so
it's really not neccessary to mirror them and Slackware rarelly used (as far
as I know, I may be wrong), also we may mirror Gentoo as it's becoming more
stable and usefull besides being a "toy" as someone mentioned earlier on
Linux IL.

On the alternative, we may buy 160GB HDD and stick it at ISP's machine. That
way we'll have all the space we need and it's not so expensive.

 Maxtor 120GB ATA 133 5400RPM = 1051NIS (VAT included) from www.pandas.co.il

Oleg Kobets
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> On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 08:51:36PM +0200, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> >    AFAIK and I don't use it what we have now is a partial mirror.
> >    It could be ftp.il.debian.org - a primary mirror.
> Wow, lots of disk space. Probably around 60G, maybe more. You're using
> other platforms except for i386?
> >    The question of course what do you ppl think is needed ?
> RedHat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSE and Slackware full mirrors. Now that'll
> be few hundred gigs -- where would you manage to get that space? Or, if
> we approach it from another way, how do you determine which of those
> which I've mentioned above are really needed?
> And if we can only mirror the frequently used parts of each of the
> above, instead of full official mirrors, would you rather prefer that?
> >    CPAN - of course I'll tell them   (1.3 Gb)
> There are 3 mirrors in Israel already, both full and up-to-date AFAIK.
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