[Perl] URGENT help needed in advertising us and our meetings

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Tue Nov 5 02:29:03 PST 2002


before every meeting I try to advertise the meeting and with that our 
group in several places. I ususally send mails to the various linux 
groups in Israel and place an article on www.iglu.org.il but I
need some help in the other locations, specially in the heberew onces.

There are quite a number of discussion forums I know of and probably a 
lot more that I don't know. I need the help of someone who could
post a message on these forums either one time now or on a regular basis
before every meeting. (or someone who volunteers to write a script that 
will do the posting !)

This time it is urgent as we are getting close to the meeting on thursday.

here is the list of site I know where someone should post a note:

www.ynet.co.il   programmers of linux forum
www.tapuz.co.il   linux forum
www.nana.co.il linux programmers forum

The text should include
link to www.perl.org.il
link to www.interbit.co.il (or whereever we held the current meeting
  which is Interbit this time)

Perl Needs YOU !!!!


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