[Perl] Logo and T-shirts for perl.org.il

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Mon Nov 4 04:49:09 PST 2002

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> > I have a feeling that this has strayed pretty far away from the topic
> > of Perl.  Unless Gabor gives the green light, this will be my last
> > public posting on this topic.
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> > Reuven
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am I a traffic light ?

go ahead and if we feel we need to split the list 
to a perl-chat and a perl-serious
then we'll do it one day down the road (with the traffic light...)

Rememeber, this is a community. We talk about things. 
They also happen to include Perl.

At YAPC::Europe I bought a T-shirt from the London.pm guys.
It has a camel on it which looks different from those you can see
on the O'Reilly sites and elsewhere.
I think it is basically drunk and knowing some of the London.pmers
that makes sense. Anyway I think they did not ask for specific 
permition from O'Reilly.

So according to what Gil quoted under 100 pieces you have an automatic 
permission. I am still not sure if it wasn't better to go with some
other kind of picture as O'Reilly might require a note on the shirt
that the camel with Perl is their trademark.

If you look at www.perl.org.il you see the camel on the bottom.
I asked ORA if I can use it and the told me yes I just have to link it
to www.oreilly.com ...

I prefer not to put a link on the T-shirt so people will not click
on me on the street.


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