[Perl] shared perl/site/lib for win32 installations

Hershel Safer hsafer at zahav.net.il
Sun Nov 3 00:46:53 PST 2002

I am running ActiveState Perl 5.6.1 (build 633) on Win2k, with various
extensions added via PPM (Perl Package Manager, version 3.0.1).  I would now
like to run some of my programs on other computers in the company, which
means not only installing Perl on those computers, but also remembering
which extensions I have installed and intalling them on the other computers
as well.

I would like to install the extensions in a directory on a server, then set
the PERL5LIB environment variable on each computer to point to the shared
directory.  I can't figure out how to get PPM to install to the shared
location.  I suppose I could install the entire Perl distribution there,
then use the PPM Target command, but this seems like overkill (though it has
the side benefit of my not having to install Perl on each of the other
computers, but just the PATH variable while I am setting PERL5LIB).

How do you other Win2k users handle this?  Thanks,

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