[Perl] Logo and T-shirts for perl.org.il

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Sat Nov 2 23:33:37 PST 2002

As someone else pointed out previously, a "gamal shlomo" is a Praying
Mantis, not a grasshoper. So while the play-on-words of the name might be
nice, I'm not sure I'd like a picture of a Praying Mantis on my shirt-
consider this picture for example:


Offer Kaye

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> Hmm, I started to write this more than a month ago.
> Maybe it is time to finish it and send it out.
> Dear @,
> on the YAPC I saw that a lot of the Perl Mongers groups have nice
> T-shirts with their own logo and text.
> What do you think about making one for us too ?
> I certainly will print some but I need your help in the design.
> First of all if we want to put a camel on the shirt we might need the
> permission of O'Reilly and they might want to be also mentioned there.
> I don't think it is a huge problem but maybe we want to be independent.
> So what about having a grasshopper as our animal ? After all it is
> called Gamal Shlomo, that is Shmuels Camel. It is sort of funny.
> I think.
> Maybe we should have an explanation in English and/or in obfuscated
> Perl. Then we should have some text in Hebrew as well, right ?
> Maybe something in Unicode ?
> Can anyone think of some obfuscation in Perl and Hebrew ?
> Ido maybe you ?
> -- Gabor
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