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GAMAL SHLOMO is praying mantis ...:-)

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Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Check:
> http://vipe.technion.ac.il/~shlomif/lecture/Pres-Tools/Perl-Point/
> Due to the fact that Reuven Lerner may be missing from the next meeting,
> Gabor and I are each going to present another tool. My lecture about Perl
> Point is available at this URL. Is it still not finished.

thanks for your effort.

I'd be happy if some of you told us what do you expect from a 
presentation tool ? Maybe we can include answeres to these
expectation in our presentation if the specific tool fulfills the
expectation or not.

> BTW, Gabor, I can send you the files I'll need to be present on your
> laptop by E-mail so you can put it there. And it would be a good idea to
> post an announcement about the meeting on IGLU now.

I have posted it 2 days ago but it is not approved yet. Now I sent a 
message to the webmaster (which is also you :-) to approve it.

I have also send mails to other linux mailing lists and asked them to
announce our meeting in their universities but actually I'd like
to ask our members too (there are more that 60 ppl. on this list)
to tell your co-workers about our list and meetings and if you happen to
study somewhere then tell there too.


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