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nothingmuch nothingmuch at mac.com
Sun Mar 17 06:31:02 PST 2002

that is not possible as the browser thinks this is one image.

what you need to do is generate correct bitmaps with perl, glue em 
together, and then compress via gif for the result you seek.

the images end in an end of file, which tells the browser to stop reading, 
and that's why you get only one of the images...

maybe you can do something with multipart mimes, but i doubt that'll solve 

Georges EL OJAIMI said at Ò[Perl] Re: Perl digest, Vol 1 #42 - 1 msgÓ.
[2002/03/17 10:12]

>     Hi,
> My real problem is that I have created a script the checks when a user 
> visit a
> page - a counter!
> I want to display the visitor number on the desired page
> i.e. I call my program from a certain page <img src="/cgi-bin/count.pl"
> width="---" height="---" border="0">
> I want the output my counter to be an image or a series of digits like my
> case.
> I have created a .gif pictures for the digits (0->9) My program will split
> each digit, then load the digit file name from its directory, and display 
> it
> on screen.
> If the number is 71315 it will output first the image "7.gif" then 
> "1.gif" etc
> . . .
> Best Regards
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