[Perl] Displaying Images

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Sat Mar 16 07:16:00 PST 2002

On 2002.03.15 11:02 Georges EL OJAIMI wrote:
>     Hi,
> I want to use (print "Content-Type: image/gif\n\n";) to display
> multi-images.
> The reason is I'm working on a graphical output counter and I don't have
> the permission to use /cgi-bin/ in SSI.
> The error I'm getting is the display of the first image only although
> I'm outputting the images in a loop - STRANGE!
> Does any one have faced such a problem?
> Best Regards

Withouth knowing what is your current code and what is the error
message it is quite hard to help but anyway.
I recently read the book of Kevin Meltzer and there was an
example about creating a counter with images.
Look at the web site of the book

and two examples.

these might help

-- Gabor

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