[Perl] Displaying Images

nothingmuch nothingmuch at mac.com
Fri Mar 15 04:49:21 PST 2002

i think what you are trying to do is making a counter, made up of several 

the easiest way is to have them premade, and sitting somewhere (the 
digits), and just set them up with perl generated HTML, or the tough 
approach will be to generate a GIF.

would you give us more info about what you want to do?

Georges EL OJAIMI said at Ò[Perl] Displaying ImagesÓ.
[2002/03/15 11:02]

>     Hi,
> I want to use (print "Content-Type: image/gif\n\n";) to display
> multi-images.
> The reason is I'm working on a graphical output counter and I don't have
> the permission to use /cgi-bin/ in SSI.
> The error I'm getting is the display of the first image only although
> I'm outputting the images in a loop - STRANGE!
> Does any one have faced such a problem?
> Best Regards

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