[Perl] Dir structure

Nimster nimster at netvision.net.il
Mon Jan 28 04:08:58 PST 2002

Dir structureThe shell command "tree" could help you.
There's File::Find like Gabor pointed out, and my very own MP3 file lister, which could be adapted for your need:
#!/bin/perl -w
use CGI qw(:all);
use strict;
print header;

my $mp3dir="/home/nimster/music/"; #change this to your filedir
my @subs=&findfiles($mp3dir); 

sub findfiles {
  my ($currdir)=@_;
  opendir(MP3ROOTDIR, $currdir);
    my @allfiles=grep(!/^\.\.?$/, readdir MP3ROOTDIR);
  my @subdirs=grep(!/.*\..*/, @allfiles);
  my @rootfiles=grep(/.*\.mp3/i, @allfiles); #change extension to whatever you want...
  $currdir=~/^.*\\(music.*)$/; my $pathdir=$1; #this just beautifies the output a bit
  print "<h1>$1</h1>";

  foreach (@rootfiles) {
    my $file=substr($_, 0, -4); #cuts the .mp3 extension...
    print "<A href=\"$pathdir\\$_\"> $file <\/a> <BR>"; #prints them as links
  print "<BR>";
  foreach (@subdirs) {
  return @subdirs;

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  Hi all, 
  Do you know (or have) where can I find a script that gets a root directory and prints its directory structure under it? 

  Thanks in advance, 

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