[Perl] Minor Announce: Perl Unicode CGI i18n/multi lingual crossword

Ronald Schmidt ronaldws at software-path.com
Thu Feb 28 10:16:09 PST 2002

As an experiment with Perl, Unicode, and internationalization,
I have enhanced an old CGI based system for creating and playing
crossword puzzles to handle internationalization, including Hebrew, issues.
resulting software still requires the creator of the puzzle to
know English but should allow for play of puzzles without such
knowledge.  A web page at URL: http://www.software-path2.com/cwduni.html
has links to some sample puzzles, including a puzzle in Hebrew, and links
that should let you download the source.  The scripts require Perl 5.6.1 to
install locally and have been tested on Linux and several Windows variants.

Looking Forward to any feedback,
Ronald Schmidt
The Software Path
RonaldWS at software-path.com

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