[Perl] Multilingual date

Reuven M. Lerner reuven at lerner.co.il
Mon Feb 18 03:05:31 PST 2002

>>>>> Shlomo Yona writes:

  Shlomo> The only missing thing is the formatting for strftime, it
  Shlomo> does not change with the locale - I mean, the way date is
  Shlomo> presented in English is not the same way to do it in Hebrew.

  Shlomo> Can you suggets a way to read the proper formatting
  Shlomo> accirding to the locale as well?

Sorry, I only answer easy questions. :-)

More seriously, I don't think that there's any automatic way to do
this, at least in Perl.  Maybe there's a module that handles
international date formatting, but so far as I can tell, you're on
your own.


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