[Perl] (e)books

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Thu Dec 12 16:16:26 PST 2002

Yair Doron wrote:
> Hi
> Do you have any good ebook regarding perl ?

Yair, you did not mention what level you are interested in.
In any case I now that http://www.manning.com/ is selling some of their 
books in pdf format. I have the OOP book in that format but I cannot 
give it away. They only cost $14 I think.

If you are also interested in dead-tree books you should look around in 
our library, part of it you already saw on our meeting:

We have two books for beginners: Elements of Programming which is for 
people who don't have much background in Programming at all ann
Perl for C programmers for people that are ....   C programmers.

You can take any of them though I talked with Kfir that he might take 
the Elements now.


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