[Perl] Uploading files(continue)

Oleg Kobets gwizard at clean-mail.net
Thu Aug 1 04:50:03 PDT 2002

i don't exactly understand what refresh u talking about (maybe because I am drunk by now, hehe) .

it you need to need to refresh the web page to reload content from CGI, then do a HTTP REFRESH meta tag. if you need to do it some other ways, then make a refresh from the CGI itself by monitoring current time and refreshing every specific amount (timer).

if i have not understood your meaning, i am sorry.


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  The problem is that server should support work with text-file that instantly changes,
  so I have module upload for first uploading of file choosed by user and module refresh 
  that user will be able to see changes that happend in that file.

  The problem that I am talking about is "If there is standard way to perform refresh?"

  Thank you ahead,
          Michael F.
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