[Perl] PERL on Windows

Gabor Szabo gabor at tracert.com
Wed Oct 24 06:16:39 PDT 2001

Giving full path should work.
system "C:\\direcory\\myprog.exe";

don't forget to escape you back-slashes in the path with another back-slash

or you can set your PATH 

$ENV{PATH} .= "c:\\directory";  # the directory where myprog can be found
system "myprog.exe";

-- Gabor

On 2001.10.24 15:05 Arie Abramovitch wrote:
> Hi
> Can someone tell me how to run an executable (e.g. myprog.exe) under
> Windows?
> I thought that system PERL command will do the job, but it requires that 
> the my executable reside in WIN32 directory - which is undesriable.
> Thanks
> Arie Abramovitch

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