[Perl] Re: glob/readdir

Pinkhas Nisanov nisanov at netvision.net.il
Mon Aug 27 07:01:12 PDT 2001


If you need to take directory content don't use "ls -l",
better way is to use standard perl module "DirHandle"

use DirHandle;

my $dir = "/home/someuser";
my $dh = new DirHandle;
my @direntries = $dh->read( $dir );
foreach my $fileentry ( @direntries )
    if( -f "$dir/$fileentry )
        print "$fileentry is file\n";
    elsif( -d "$dir/$fileentry )
        print "$fileentry is directory\n";
        print "$fileentry is something else\n";


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> i need to be able to tell wether a listed file is a directory or normal 
> file...
> example of what i mean:
> in any shell when you do ls -l it outputs a list... on the leftmost 
> column is the file mode...
> -rwx-r--r-- file name yadda yadda
> drwx-r--r-- directory name yadda yadda
> i need to be able to know the difference within perl...
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