[Perl] DBM file problems

nothingmuch nothingmuch at mac.com
Sun Aug 12 12:25:13 PDT 2001

I'm experiencing problems with a DBM hash.
it's a three dimentional hash of a hash of a list.
I have a cataloging subroutine, and a searching one. When both are 
called all is fine, it works perfect.
the cataloger indexes the files i want it to, and saves to the 3 
dimentional hash, in the DBM file, and the searcher reads.
However, when only the search subroutine is called, it returns no found 
I made the search array print all of the catalog files keys and values, 
and it turns out all of the second dimentions are empty... inexistant.
I thought maybe the hashes tied to the dbms were appearantly sharing, 
so i made sure all the names were different, but it kept on working 
when both the catalogger and the searcher worked at on the same program.
i'm really clueless.
i'm guessing it either has something to do with the saving (which is 
peculier, because another 1 dimentional hash worked ok) or with the 
fact that the hash i'm trying to save is 3 dimentional.
I could store it as a one dimentional hash, but that would be hell, so 
i'd like to try here before i go an and code that.

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